You can read the title as many times as you like. It will not change. But before you throw it into your virtual garbage bin, hear me out.

How many passes did you make in your grudge car, radial tire or pro mod this year? Or even your whole life? Chances are that the successful driver in the driver class will do more laps in a month than in two full years. And let’s be honest, we are all racers here and we all like to go down the track.

So, back to the point where it works. Why swap your $ 250,000 “Stock Suspension” (yes right) 4-Teen Hot Rod for a 6.40 Chevy II car that features a deceleration box, electric dial-in board, 6,700 stall converters and a 850 cfm carburetor on a conventional small scale Block features? And oh yes, (very important factor here), by silencer!

For your ease of reading I will list things:

  • This requires skill. Believe it or not your checkbook will help you with just one factor in parentheses racing – joining the actual race.
  • It will be the hardest thing you ever do. When you were a freshman in high school and asked that senior cheerleader, she crushed your soul – but at least you were left with a touch of pride. Well, if you go brace race ready for this bacon to be crushed, too. Nothing on this earth sucks as bad as with reaction time advantage of .030 and kickin ‘the gas four or five times to get .001 behind and its .045 up. (Okay, I’m using smaller words from here, I promise!)
  • You can learn. There is no excuse to be in the dark about braces racing strategy. And before you jump off the couch and yell, “I was 3.72 at 210 mph in a twin-engine, fire-breathing piece of technical wonder!” Consider the following: You probably can not erase a 240-inch swivel arm dragster with a small block that goes 5.20 and 80 percent. the average bracket racer. But do not worry, you can learn how to walk slowly. From burnouts to staging, to the finer points of goal tactics – yes, you have to do more than just let go of a button and just show it – Luke Bogacki at ThisIsBracketRacing.com has the solution. Trust me, he is the master and as soon as you get to the dark side and understand all this mumbo jumbo, you will not get enough.
  • Companies give back! Interrupt a converter or transfer? FTI offers track support in almost every big money bracket race. You can rebuild your trans or have a converter try it out. Throw a .004 package to your opponents .003 in total? If you’re into the K & N Spring Fling, CARS Protection Plus Million, JEG’S Summer Door Car Shootout, or JEG’S US. Open are, congratulations! You’ve probably just won a free Quick Fuel Technology Carb or FTI Converter, Sparco Fire Suit, or a free Nitro Plate Header Coating. Yes. It is referred to as the “Best Losing Package” Award and at these events listed above, the prizes are raffled every day!
  • The people are pretty nice. Trailers burning in your yard? Chances are you can push your car into its trailer. Do you blow up your car or car at the moment? No problem, it’s beyond the usual to borrow or double with another racer in a car. Yes, that’s legal too. It has actually become the norm these days.
  • It’s cheap. Well, that’s a lie. It is not cheap at all. But it’s a lot cheaper than the Tim McAmis ’68 Camaro with an 800-cubic-inch plus Sonny Leonard four-gun piece on it. If you’ve literally been looking for the most expensive piece of racing equipment, it’s more than likely to come out of the Chrome Worx stables. And with an onboard air compressor, beadlocks, chrome this, carbon fiber, and a spectacular Imagine That Customs livery by Jerron Settles, it’ll probably come in at perhaps 130K – turnkey! But again, you still have to watch in this piece, as there is a 7.70 Duster and Suburban bones (Chester Lay and Van Greer, respectively) that embarrass you and still force you to use your tube rack with the nose cone to load on (which usually does not usually work that well).
  • It is fun. On the front of every K & N Spring Fling T-shirt you will notice a common theme. The words “Experience It” come true every year. Since the beginning of the Kyle Seipel and Peter Biondo idea, this race has carried a certain amount of enthusiasm. And they can find that buzzing everywhere. What I mean is: you drive hundreds or thousands of miles; to give your money to people; to turn a few laps; drink a few beers. Then (usually Saturday night) there is a big party. They drink a few more cold ones; go into the golf cart race; try to tip it over the front with 19 people on board at 655 feet. At this point, at this moment, when your buddy in the back spills his beer and just falls on the sidewalk after seeing the preacher on his bike with your win light glowin ‘but no numbers on the scoreboard yet because you do not reach the finish line tha t is when you know that you have made the right choice.

So I encourage you to go out and get a back-sliced S-10, a drum of alcohol, a This is Bracket Racing subscription, and throw a JEG’s visor at your ugly mug. And for the love of God, please do not – I repeat, not – have radios, back-up people, or someone to pull you into the bars. There is no need for a guy to maneuver a GoPro while one checks the height of the wheelie bar and another leased hand gives you that always-so-inspiring fist pump when you stage it. The only suitable help is a half drunk cousin with tire indicator.

If you want a lot, go to the Super Bowl; if you want speed, buy a plane; and if you want to be famous, be 16 and be pregnant. Otherwise, you might just have what it takes to become a traveling clip racer. Til ‘then, I’ll see you in the streets. Selects inserted.

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