The track change rule broke Martin Truex Jr. on the Kansas Speedway

Martin Truex Jr. was injured on Kansas Speedway. What? From a brand new rule that was introduced about the meeting of drivers before the race.

The rule was that you cannot go under the white line during reboots. It caused confusion, for many. But the leading car was the only hit with a penalty. Why? Because he was the first to do it. For this rule followers receive a free pass.

But the night before … Furniture Row Racing lost one of the family members. Jim Watson, 55 years old, died the night before in a go-cart court. At the drivers’ meeting the next morning, the driver and crew had agreed on the details of the meeting.

Kansas Speedway

How often does NASCAR make a rule change in flight?

“It does not happen very much,” says Justin Alexander to Kenny Wallace about Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“How never?” Asks Kenny Wallace.

“Yeah, that’s one of the first time I can imagine doing that in my 3-4 years, that’s happened, maybe another time for something different.”

“Usually it’s memories, it’s usually reminders in the driver’s briefing, as with Talladega: ‘Do not go under the yellow line to pass.’ and a few other things. ‘

“Rarely do they say something about a new rule in the drivers ‘meeting, to be honest, I did not catch it in the drivers’ meeting, on Sunday.”

“You are so busy with the race and so many things going on in the drivers’ assembly, you do not really expect to hear such a thing in it, but that’s why we have these meetings.”

“That’s out of job and that’s why we go to these things, after all that’s up to us.”

NASCAR Pit stop

NASCAR Drivers’ Meeting

Kenny Wallace argues strongly against the way the new rule was introduced. He explains…

“NASCAR is listening,” says Kenny Wallace.

“Let me say that … I did 905 NASCAR races, I’m on the track every week, so I’m in the game, I know what’s going on.”

Kenny Wallace continues to explain the responsibilities of the modern NASCAR driver. They are endless; Scheduled interviews, unplanned interviews, autograph sessions, sponsorship appearances, and by the way, there are “usually” worldly drivers meeting to crown everything.

“The driver has a shit-ton of responsibilities, I hear to tell you what’s going on in the driver’s brain, okay, gunna sound sad, and I know one of the NASCAR executives listening to me right now gunna go is: ‘Well, Herman, you’re wrong, the driver gets his shit together better.’ “

“I’m here to say, ‘This is not how it works, you might think it works that way, but it does not.’ “

“99% of the time the meetings are taking place is what we would call ‘everyday’ ok? The real reason for a meeting is to shout out the sponsors – do not call bullshit on me, I know of what I’m talking about. “

In general, the driver’s meeting is a good time for a driver to take a short nap. Why do you all wear sunglasses for the drivers meeting? I am only partially joking.

“What’s very rare at a driver’s meeting …” continues Kenny Wallace. “Gentlemen, today, when they drop the green flag, you cannot go under the white line.” If you usually say that, nothing happens, nobody hears it. “

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects these thoughts. “I’m not bothering at the driver’s meeting, so I do not know if they said that,” he said of the Kansas driver meeting in his Dale Jr Download Podcast.

“I like writing to Steve O’Donnell and Mike Helton during the drivers ‘meeting, and I just like to text them and see how they pull their phone out of their pockets,” says Dale Earnhardt Jr. about the drivers’ meeting ,

What is there for a thing he is texting? Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalls: “Uh, the videos are a bit loud.” about things he writes to NASCAR executives. “They told me why they keep it so loud that it attracts everyone’s attention and makes everyone sit down.”

“If you want to announce a rule change [at the drivers’ assembly], there must be like red sirens, email explosions, you know, emails are big,” concludes Kenny Wallace.

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