Fuel Filters

When should I change my fuel filter?

A fuel filter’s main function is to filter out dirt or debris that can enter the fuel system. And contaminants that even include rust and paint chips can change the flow rate and pattern of the fuel injectors, thus causing disruptions in the engine’s operation. While modern engines’ fuel injectors have very tight tolerances which are easily clogged, it becomes imperative to constantly change the fuel filter of your vehicle on a regular basis because repairs can be quite costly.

Older engines that use carburetors are less problematic with the fuel they take in because of the wider jet opening. However, replacing the fuel filter as needed is still ideal as a clogged filter can still present problems on the road including power loss.

What are the signs of a fuel filter gone bad?

An engine and all its parts work together to keep the car in top operating condition. So anything that disrupts the flow of fuel will cause internal problems.

  • Engine won’t start
  • Sometimes the fuel filter of a vehicle can become so clogged with debris that the flow of fuel to the engine can be completely barricaded. And without fuel, the engine fails to start, leading to some very costly complications.

  • Engine starts to stall
  • This normally happens when the fuel flow to the engine is partially blocked in the filter. The engine will still run but will pose problems when the vehicle comes to a halt or when you try to accelerate from that halt.

  • Vehicle experiences rough idling
  • Fuel filters that have some degree of blockage affects the fuel to air ratio in the vehicle’s engine. This also means that the fuel going into the engine is not combusting properly.

  • Engine causes trouble at low speeds
  • While at higher speeds, the fuel pump pushes the fuel at a higher pressure so even if the filter is clogged, fuel is able to still slip through and flow into the engine. However, at lower speeds, lower pressure is exerted by the fuel pump so fuel is no longer able to go through a clogged filter.
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