Fuel Caps

What the main purpose of a Fuel Cap?

The fuel cap on your vehicle does much more than just seal the space up between the outside world and your fuel tank. Even a standard cap offers a crucial layer of protection that prevents your truck or car from losing fuel while you are out on the road, and also prevents dangerous vapors from escaping out of your vehicle and polluting the surrounding air. It is also useful to keep contaminants mixing with your fuel with might potentially do some harm to your fuel pump which is the first main fuel part to encounter the problem. We offer fuel caps in all different sizes and shapes at the lowest prices at Pro Speed Parts so that you can restore the functionality of that aspect of your fuel system and return to the road once more without having to break the bank.

Why do I need to change my Fuel cap?

The major reason why you might want to change your standard fuel cap right away instead of putting it off is if you have an emissions test coming up. Many state governments test the efficiency of gas caps during the annual test, and a missing, damaged, chipped, or cracked gas cap and result in your failing the exam. That is due to the fact that the fuel cap helps with normalizing the pressure inside the tank and keep any harmful vapors inside and also ensure the fuel stays inside of your vehicle where it belongs instead of polluting the roads that you are traveling on. Here at Pro Speed Parts we take fuel pressure very seriously and offer a range of good quality fuel pressure regulators. Instead of risking failing the test and needing to pay to have it done twice (and also potentially delayed renewal registration fines), it is much cheaper and easier to just search for “fuel caps” on Pro Speed Parts using our worldwide DHL Delivery and then then just wait and relax for delivery of your new cap.

How to install a new Fuel Cap?

It is very easy to install a new cap. You just need to take the old cap off and then twist your new one in place. The hardest part is finding a cap that matches your tank and covers all of the bases when it comes to legal requirements and regulations. If you are not sure whether the cap fits or not you can always ask our friendly staff at Pro Speed Parts by using the Contact us form and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. There are also a couple of other options that you may want to consider also, including getting a locking fuel cap. This type of cap can prevent others from accessing your tank due to a lock being added so that the cap cannot be twisted off without the key. That adds an extra level of security for your car and helps to ensure that expensive fuel stays inside of your tank.

What is the right Fuel cap for me?

Whether you just want a standard cap replacement or plan to upgrade to a locking model, here at Pro Speed Parts, we are here to help ensure you have easy access at all times to the very best fuel caps for trucks and cars no matter what your individual needs are. Keep your engine healthy and safe, reduce pollution and make sure you never waste expensive fuel by purchasing a new cap that is able to handle all of the challenges of the road. If you have any concerns about selecting the right cap that will meet all of the current regulations, please visit us at prospeedparts.com and ask our staff members for recommendations.